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You can play 10's of thousands of Steam games on Highscore. There's more to play on Highscore than anywhere else.

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With Highscore, it doesn't matter what devices you (or your friends) have. Make cross-play problems a thing of the past.

EasyEasyEasy tototo pickpickpick upupup &&& putputput down.down.down.

With Highscore, you can start playing on one device, then suspend your game & resume on another. Your games (and save files) move with you.


Save $150+ over 3 years vs. an Xbox or PS5. Stop + start your subscription anytime.

IncredibleIncredibleIncredible performance.performance.performance.

With 120+ FPS, 4k streaming support, games run better on Highscore than they do locally. Your games have never looked this good.

VirtualVirtualVirtual couch.couch.couch.

For the first time ever, you can play local co-op games with friends over the Internet. Only one of you needs a subscription.

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  • What is Highscore?
  • What games will be available on Highscore?
  • Do I need to download anything to use Highscore?
  • Do I need a subscription to use Highscore?
  • What devices can I use with Highscore?
  • Are there any minimum requirements to use Highscore?
  • What are the advantages of using Highscore?
  • How will save-states work on Highscore?
  • Will Highscore support 4k streaming?
  • What GPUs does Highscore use?
  • Will I be able to play on Highscore with my friends?
  • How does Highscore work?
  • Who are you, anyway?
  • How much will Highscore cost?
  • Will I need to re-buy my Steam games on Highscore?
  • Do I need a controller, or can I use keyboard & mouse?
  • When (and where) is Highscore launching?
  • I already have an Xbox (or PS5), why would I want Highscore?
  • How is Highscore different than Parsec or Moonlight?
  • How is Highscore different than Shadow PC?
  • How is Highscore different than GeForce Now?
  • How is Highscore different than Stadia?
  • Is any of this subject to change?

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